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TransferArt is an online platform where professional art dealers can trade pieces of art. With a commission-free system, you can easily connect with other art experts without any restrictions. Build relationships with like-minded art connaisseurs and end up finding unique art.

TransferArt is part of TransferUnique.

A digital art market

There is so much art to be found all over the world. Yet valuable treasures remain unfound due to the lack of local knowledge. Wouldn't it be great to sell and find unique pieces of art at the click of a button? TransferArt does just that! No more hassle of skimming dozens of antique markets where you try finding unique pieces of art, but one online place where you can find dozens of exceptional pieces.

TransferArt digitalizes the small offline experience to a global one.

Online & offline auction

In cooperation with Rotary International, TransferArt is hosting an offline auction event for art, called "KUNST met een grote H" (ART with a capital H).

Join us in Q1 2022 in Houthalen, Belgium - or compete in the online (pre-)auction!

Always show off your art, wherever you are.

TransferArt's Virtual showroom is the perfect way to bring your art on the go. Create as many digital showrooms as you want to show your offline art collection. Display all of your art pieces on the go, clean and beautiful.

Find your desired product
on our Spotter Network.

With TransferArt's Spotter Network you'll be able to find the art you've always been looking for. Describe the artwork you're searching and all TransferArt dealers will help you find your desired piece of art.

TransferArt's added value

TransferArt is digitalizing the world of art at lightspeed. Be part of the exclusive community of art dealers and discover all of the advantages of our commission-free platform.

The art and the network for dealers are what matters.

Start trading your art today! Create your seller account and publish your pieces of art of browse through all of the available products. Connect with other professionals and share your products and stories! Thanks to our app, you and your network are always connected.

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