How to Sell. Buy. Share in 3 steps

Sign up for a premium account.

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Complete your profile and add a profile picture.

The more details your profile contains, the easier other dealers will be able to find your account.

Browse other dealers' art and add your own pieces.

Trade unique pieces of art with other art connoisseurs.

Discover art pieces and engage with other art dealers

The art world is an amazing place filled with valuable pieces, but the trading process regularly stays an intense project. All you want to do is to engage with others, browse pieces of art and make the perfect deal!

Post your art in a few clicks on any device

TransferArt is digitalizing the offline experience. On this platform, professional art traders can encounter other professionals via the native app. The most crucial pillars are user experience, speed, and trust.

Adding your own art is easy


Snap photos

Be sure to make overview shots as well as detailed photos.


Add photos

Publish multiple photos at the same time in just a few clicks.


Edit your photo

Easily correct and crop your photos.


Complete all details

The better the description and the title, the faster you will sell your art pieces.


Attract exposure

Reach more art dealers by boosting your piece of art.


Don't stop

The more products you add, the higher your visibility will be.

The art and the network for dealers are what matters.

Start trading your art today! Create your seller account and publish your pieces of art of browse through all of the available products. Connect with other professionals and share your products and stories! Thanks to our app, you and your network are always connected.

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Show off your art with a premium account

TransferArt's Virtual showroom is the perfect way to bring your art on the go. Create as many digital showrooms as you want to show your offline art collection. Display all of your art pieces on the go, clean and beautiful.

Find your desired product on our Spotter Network

With TransferArt's Spotter Network you'll be able to find the art you've always been looking for. Describe the artwork you're searching and all TransferArt dealers will help you find your desired piece of art.