Give your referral code to whoever you want. Each person that signs up for TransferArt and gets a yearly or longer subscription you’ll get will 5 credits or more. The person that signed up thanks to you gets 1 or 2 credits, depending on which subscription they took. Check your referral history in your profile’s referral section.

In-app screenshots of the referral code of Transferantique.

How does referral work?

Look for your referral code.

Your referral link can be found in your account. To find your personal URL, go to 'My referral code' in the menu.

Share your code.

Hit the 'Copy' button to share your referral link with others. Share the URL via text messages, email or social media!

Hand out credits, receive credits.

When a yearly subscription is being signed thanks to your referral code, that person receives 1 or more credits. You will receive 5 or more.


Yearly subscriptions

Per person that signs up for a subscription of 1 year, you'll get 5 credits. Your friend gets 1 credit.

Subscriptions of 2 years

Everyone that signs up thanks to your referral code and signs a subscription of 2 years, will get you 8 credits. Your friend gets 2 credits.

Monthly subscriptions

People can also choose a monthly subscription, but you won't get any credits for that. Neither you nor the new member will receive any credits for a monthly subscription.

What are Transferantique credits for?

With TransferArt credits you can promote your entire profile or your art. Promoted art will rank the highest in the categories.

Your piece of art will be at the top collecting more views, clicks, and messages. A 24-hour boost is equal to 1 credit.

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